CREOL | The College of Optics & Photonics

Chemical Preparation Lab

The NLO Group studies the nonlinearities of various materials including many different classes of organics and semiconductor quantum dots. To aid in the accurate determination of these nonlinearities, precise sample preparation must be performed by several standard chemical techniques. For this purpose we have two chemical preparation labs used for sample preparation, wet-chemistry, and storage of many solvents. Our sample preparation and wet-chemistry is performed in three chemical fume hoods (two 3’ and one 6’). Samples, solvents, and other chemicals are stored in five chemical storage cabinets (two 16-gallon, two 30-gallon, and one 45-gallon capacities). An analytical balance capable of accurately measuring < 1mg to 110g is also used in our prep labs which also house storage for many standard supplies to aid in sample preparation.

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