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Continuum Powerlite

The laser system is a Continuum Powerlite 9010, which is Nd:YAG, Q-switched by a Pockels’ cell producing a 7ns (FWHM) pulsewidth operating at a 10 Hz repetition rate.  It is injection seeded with a diode laser to maintain a single longitudinal mode.  This laser can be frequency-doubled to 532nm using a Type I KDP crystal, which reduces the pulsewidth to 5ns (FWHM), or frequency-tripled (355nm) using a second Type I KDP crystal for pumping an optical parametric oscillator (OPO).

  • Pulse Energy: 2 J
  • Pulse Width: 5 – 9 ns
  • Maximum Average Power: 20 W
  • TBWP: close to transform limited
  • Repetition Rate: 10 Hz
  • Polarization: Linear, horizontal
  • Energy Stability: 2.5 % rms
  • Beam Diameter: 9 mm ± 1 mm
  • Beam Divergence: 450 µradians
  • Transverse Mode: TEM00 ( > 1 m from output)
Continuum Lasers
Sunlite EX
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