CREOL | The College of Optics & Photonics

Some Firsts

The NLO Group at CREOL is well known for its numerous contribution of techniques and theories for understanding optical nonlinearities in many different materials.

Listed bellow are some of the achievements and developments in our group:
  • Developed the "Z-scan" and several variants including the new White-Light Continuum Z-scan.
  • Calculated and measured and general scaling rules to predict nonlinear optical properties of all inorganic solids.
  • Determined Kramers-Kronig relations for two-photon absorption and ultrafast nonlinear refraction.
  • Developed femtosecond white-light-continuum pump-probe nonlinear spectrometry for nondegererate nonlinearities.
  • Invented the "Tandem Limiter" and various other related devices including the "Cascaded Limiter".
  • (Re)discovered and explained cascaded Χ(2) effects.
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